One thought on “Scene ‘N Nerd Minisode: Arrow Season 3 Finale

  1. I can’t help but disagree with the talk about Olicity. As someone who admits that certain things could and should have been written better, I was shocked by the love for Ray and Felicity when Ray’s first impression was as a liar and a stalker. He bought the company she worked for to force her to work for him, he lied about his motivations to buy Queen Consolidated, he tracks her by her phone some episodes later, he shows up at her home unannounced, and so forth. Then we’re forced to believe that speech she gives to that potential client at dinner about what a great guy he is even though we never really saw them interact much at the office. Then, of course, he just disregards her to act dumb and go after Oliver and the Arrow. None of it seemed natural to me at all.

    As far as the development of Olicity, while I’ll say certain situations should’ve been written better, I’m pretty sure they’ve been developing them since Season 1. First with slight flirtation and a crush from Felicity, then in Season 2 when there were more feelings and hints brought to the surface. While I’d say this should’ve been a four-step process, the first two steps were still there. Far more interesting, in my opinion, than the lack of overall chemistry with Sara, who I like but never felt that Caity Lotz is a good neough actress, and Laurel, who is much better without Stephen, due to a lack of romantic chemistry there, but not necessarily a lack of friendship and partner chemistry. As for Felicity and Barry, that works, but that show has its own mythos to live up to at this point.

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